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Vocational education

The Vocational Training Fund for Retail and Office Workers is jointly owned by VR, LÍV and SA.

Grants from the vocational training funds

The objective of The Vocational Training Fund for Retail and Office Workers is to increase the skills and education of retail and office workers. Furthermore, it helps to promote continuous educational programs and the creation of educational material that serve the needs of the labour market in Iceland. All members VR union members and other affiliated members of LÍV can apply for vocational training grants from the fund. Companies that pay contributions to the fund can also apply for grants from the fund. For further information about the rules for grants and application process are found (in Icelandic) at www.starfsmennt.is.


To be eligible for a grant from the fund, a membership fee must have been received for at least three, out of the last twelve months, of which at least one month must have been paid during the previous six months. All eligibility rights lapse if membership fees have not been received during the previous 6 months. Receipt for payment of course/study fees, when applying for grants, must not be older than 12 months.

How are grants awarded?

Vocational training grants can be used for work-related studies / courses / conferences / language studies, travel for studies, etc. A maximum of ISK 130,000 per year is awarded, but never higher than 90% of the payment receipt. The leisure study allowance is a maximum of 30,000 per year and the travel allowance is a maximum of 40,000 per year, up to a maximum of 50% of the payment receipt. A condition for a vocational training grant is that the member pays for the study themself.

Further information is provided by the affiliated unions of LÍV.