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The LÍV congress is usually held bi-annually, when there is no ASÍ congress.

In articles of LÍV it is stated that:

The LÍV congress has the highest authority in the affairs of LÍV. Matters that concern the federation and its member unions shall be dealt with at the congress. The congress is considered to have quorum if legally called for and at least 2/5 of the representatives are present.

The congress is held before the end of November every other year. It must be announced in writing at least two months in advance to all member unions. This notice should contain a draft agenda and the executive committee decides upon the time and place of the congress. At that time notice should be given that member unions must submit proposed matters for the congress at least 6 weeks in advance.

The regular agenda items of the regular assembly shall be:

a. Attendance certification
b. Executive committee report
c. Accounts of the Union
d. Agenda and budget for the next term
e. Determination of tax to the union
f.  Election of the executive committee
g. Legal changes, if proposed
h. Election of the election committee
i. Accounts of the vocational training funds

In other respects, the board decides the program of the assembly and it must be sent to the member unions at least 4 weeks before it starts.

In addition to the agenda items decided by the board in this way, the agenda shall include proposals on which a decision has been requested by individual member associations, provided that such requests have been received by the board at least 6 weeks before the session.