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US has hot labor summer

Strikes in Los Angeles reflect union activity

Workers in Los Angeles are engaging in a series of strikes, emboldened by post-pandemic corporate profits and high housing costs. Nurses, graduate students, elementary school workers, and now hotel employees, TV and movie writers, and Hollywood actors have walked off the job, demanding higher pay and better working conditions. The strike has affected various industries, with 160,000 movie and TV actors joining screenwriters in picket lines, disrupting the city's entertainment industry.

Similar "hot labor summer" strikes are occurring across the country, potentially indicating a critical moment for the labor movement. The outcome of these labor actions will be closely observed, particularly the unionization efforts at Amazon, which has vast implications due to its extensive workforce.

Workers are seeking fair wages and improved conditions, especially considering the high cost of living in Los Angeles. However, hotel owners and entertainment executives have defended their positions, leading to conflicts and accusations of unfair demands. The labor actions may have significant implications for organized labor's strength in the US.

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