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UNI Global Union Equal Opportunities

On #Iwd2024, Uni Equal Opportunities Launches Campaign On The ‘Three ‘M’s: Menstruation, Maternity And Menopause

UNI Global Union today launched a campaign on International Women’s Day 2024, focusing on the ‘three M’s’: menstruation, maternity, and menopause.

The campaign aims to address these topics as occupational health and safety issues, breaking down stigmas and encouraging union involvement. It highlights the need for better workplace policies to support menstruating workers, including access to sanitary facilities and flexible work arrangements. It describes successful efforts by trade unions to improve conditions for menstruating workers, such as private bathroom facilities and menstrual leave policies. The campaign emphasizes the importance of these issues in achieving gender equality in the workplace and the role of trade unions in this effort.

The guide published by UNI Global Union Equal Opportunities provides practical steps for unions to support workers dealing with these natural processes and underscores the significance of gender equality in professional development.

Further details at UNI Global Union