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Make Amazon Pay

This Black Friday Make Amazon Pay

Amazon is one of the most powerful corporations in history.

It is remaking how the economy works in the 21st century squeezing every last drop it can at every turn. The Amazon business model:

Squeezes workers: While tripling profits in Q3 2023, Amazon subjects warehouse workers and drivers to a high-pressure environment that breaks their bodies and ultimately forces them to quit.
Squeezes communities: While making €50 billion in revenue in 2022, Amazon did not pay any taxes for the fifth consecutive year in its European headquarters of Luxembourg.
Squeezes the planet: While Amazon celebrated a 0.4% drop in total emissions in 2022, it would still take the company until the year 2378 to reach its stated 2040 target of net zero emissions.

But on Black Friday, 24 November 2023, we will mount the biggest challenge to Amazon's abuses in its history.

We are workers and citizens divided by geography and our role in the global economy but united in our commitment to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes and for its impact on the planet.

Our success will shape the global economy in the 21st century.

Together, we will Make Amazon Pay.

More details at makeamazonpay.com