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LÍV At The UNI Global Congress

LIV Representing Iceland At UNI Global Congress

UNI Global Union’s 6th World Congress will take place from Sunday, 27 August to Wednesday, 30 August 2023 at the Philadelphia Convention Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Representatives from LÍV will be present and participate in the Women's Conference that will be held 25-26 August in the same location.

Under the theme ‘Rising Together,’ the Congress will unite trade union leaders, representing 20 million workers worldwide, to build power and set a programme for action for the next four years.

With member unions in more than 150 countries, UNI Global Union brings together service sector workers to win better jobs and better lives. We use organizing, collective bargaining, broad stakeholder engagement and policy campaigns to create change on a global scale while strengthening capacity at a grassroots level.

In the U.S. alone, UNI affiliates represent millions of workers in industries as diverse a cleaning, care, entertainment, post, retail, tech, sport and more. 

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