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Global Unions Launch Toolkit To Support LGBTQI+ Workers Under ILO C190

Pivotal Role by Unions

UNI Global Union and other global union federations have introduced a comprehensive toolkit for LGBTQI+ workers, to address violence and harassment against the LGBTQI+ community in the workplace. This initiative alongside ILO Convention 190 represents an important step forward towards promoting workplace equality and safety.

ILO Convention 190, the first international treaty to acknowledge the right of every individual to a work environment free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence was passed by the ILO in 2019.

Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook: The two essential resources that comprise the toolkit: the LGBTQI+ Facilitator Guide and the LGBTQI+ Participant Workbook, which offer various activities and strategies to enhance understanding and action on the issues faced by LGBTQI+ workers2.

Unions play a pivotal role in promoting the rights of LGBTQI+ workers and ensuring the ratification and implementation of ILO Convention 190 into national legislation and collective agreements.

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