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Gig workers: guinea pigs of the new world of work

The new world of work

As Iceland sees new gig economy entrants trying to attract both customers and workers the challenges faced by gig workers in the evolving gig economy is an area of concern for labor unions in Iceland. 

In an article published in Social Europe in 2021, Pierre Bérastégui authored an article that focuses in on their employment status, working conditions, digital surveillance, redefined boundaries between work and personal life, and the short-term nature of assignments.

The article highlights the need for clear regulations and protection for gig workers within the regulatory framework. The growth of digital platforms has enabled remote work connections and algorithmic management, leading to constant monitoring and control.

The lack of physical interactions and support systems among gig workers contributes to disputes and a sense of isolation. The blurring of boundaries between work and personal life leads to constant availability and work-family conflicts. Gig workers face uncertainty and the responsibility of managing their own careers, leading to job insecurity and emotional demands. 

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