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European Trade Unions Call Out UK Government

European Trade Unions Call Out UK Government’s Attack On Working People

Wage increases are key for working people to maintain a decent standard of living through the cost-of-living crisis. Yet, following years of stagnating wages, the UK government is now attempting to push through legislation to curtail strikes for legitimate pay demands. European trade union federations regret the UK government’s conflictual approach and support Britain’s striking workers and their trade unions.

The UK government claims it is aligning its laws with those of other Western European countries. The reality is that British strike laws are already amongst the most restrictive of comparable countries and the new legislation will enable further attacks on working people’s conditions.

Collective bargaining, including the right to strike, is the main tool with which working people can claim fairer salaries and improve their conditions. It is the norm in all of the countries the UK government has claimed it is aiming to replicate

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