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Delivery App Riders Strike

Guardian article calls food delivery explotation

In a recenet article in the Guardian, Nesrine Malik, discusses the reasons and implications of the Valentine’s Day strike by delivery app riders in the UK, who are protesting against low pay and poor working conditions.

In her article, Malik argues that delivery apps rely on exploiting their riders by treating them as self-employed contractors, who have to bear the costs of their vehicles, insurance, and maintenance, and have no rights to sick pay, holiday pay, or pension.

Malik acknowledges that delivery services are convenient and time-saving for consumers, who face their own pressures and constraints in their lives. However, it also points out that the delivery fee or subscription fee does not reflect the true cost of the service, which is paid by the riders.

Malik criticises the lack of legislation and regulation to protect the rights and welfare of gig economy workers, and calls for more action from the government and the public to challenge the exploitative business model of delivery apps.

Full article at The Guardian